5233 Buckeystown Pike
Frederick MD 21704 (Rout 85 Westview center,next to movie theather)
Open hours:  Monday-Saturday 9:00am-7:00pm | Sun:10am-5pm 



Classic Manicures     $20
Enjoy this refreshing manicure with attention to details. Includes the clean up of cuticles, trimming, shaping, cuticle oil treatment and a hand massage. Polish on request.

Manicure Gel (gel nails)     $35
A true innovation in chip-free, extended color and the future of nail services. If you're tire of redoing your nails every few days because your polish has chipped, peeled, or worn off, you may be considering CND's Shellac, Gel II or OPI ..., a UV Color Coat which can keep your nails in perfect shape throughout your two week of superior colors. (Cuticles trim will apply at the beginning and short massage at the end of service to keep your hands moist and soft).

Oil Manicure     $25
Basic Manicure with warm oil, hot towels.

Men's Active     $25
Basic Manicure with AHA sugar scrub, cooling gel massage, hot towels.

Milk and Honey     $35
Basic Manicure, milk and honey sugar scrub, extended massage with butter creme, hot towels.

Sea Spa     $35
Basic Manicure, Purple sea salt glow, menthol mask, hot towels.

Mandarin Orange     $35
Basic Manicure, mandarin orange exfoliation, moisture mask, hot towels.

Exotic Mango     $35
Basic Manicure, exotic mango exfoliate, moisture mask, hot towels.

Chocolate Spa     $35
Basic Manicure, Chocolate sugar scrub, moisture mask, hot towels.

Deluxe Manicure     $35
Basic Manicure, exfoliation moisture mask, paraffin dip, hot towels.

Pomegranate & lime     $35
Basic manicure, pomegranate & lime exfoliation moisture mask and hot towel

Queen manicure     $40
Basic manicure, exotic mango sugar scrub, moisture mask, extended massage with crème butter, paraffin dip and hot towel.

King manicure     $45
Basic manicure, milk and honey sugar scrub, exotic mango sugar scrub, moisture mask, paraffin dip, extend hot stone massage and hot towel.